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Outdoor measurements

Element 6.png

Acceptance measurements according to IEC 62446 for large power plants

STC performance with mobile flasher

IV curves

EL as incoming goods inspection

EL after assembly

Further outdoor measurements:
• Infrared thermography (ISO9712 certified thermographs) - Visual inspections • PID analysis - Insulation fault location - Yellowing measurement - Inverter efficiency determination up to 1 MVA

Laboratory services

Element 11_4x.png
Element 11_4x.png

STC performance

Low light performance

Electroluminescence images 

Further laboratory services:
Insulation test - Mechanical and static load test - Climatic chamber tests - Peel test/ Peel-Off test - Colour measurements - EVA cross-linking degree - Spectral sensitivity - PID evaluation - LeTID determination - LID determination - Hot-Spot risk assessment.

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

Supplier evaluation 

Factory audits  

Consultation and quality assurance

Production monitoring

Technical specification for sales contracts 

Benchmark/ lifetime testing of PV modules

Element 12_4x.png

Further services:
Shipment Inspection - Quality assurance during production (worldwide, mainly in China)

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